Careers (Preparation for Adulthood)

At Clifton Hill we refer to Careers as Preparation for Adulthood as we recognise that our student’s future beyond Clifton Hill is much more than just Careers as a standalone option. Our students Preparation for Adulthood includes a variety of provisions within the social and community sector, life skills, further education and/or residential/supported living.

We intend to raise each student’s aspirations and enable them to make informed decisions about their future studies and Preparation for Adulthood options. We strive to provide a comprehensive and progressive Preparation for Adulthood (careers) programme that enables pupils to successfully transition to the exciting next stage of their journey. The aims and purposes of a stable Preparation for Adulthood (careers) programme are to:

  • Provide career related learning opportunities to pupils throughout their school journey.
  • Prepare pupils for the transition to life after Clifton Hill.
  • Support pupils in making informed decisions which are appropriate for them.
  • Enable pupils to become responsible and resilient citizens.
  • Develop personal characteristics such as social skills, communication, independence and resilience.
  • Inspire and motivate pupils to develop themselves as individuals and live as independently as is possible.
  • Encourage pupils to know and develop their aspirations.

The Careers provision at Clifton Hill is in line with the DFE 2017 Careers Strategy and takes influence from the eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance, and will be reviewed in line with our Careers Policy. Our Careers leader is Sinead O’Connor, Assistant Headteacher. She can be contacted via or 01883 347740.