Our students join us as children at the age of 11. When they leave us they are young adults and need to be ready to be happy, healthy and confident adults with purpose and drive. This is why we not only place emphasis on academic excellence but also on a values based curriculum and learning in order to promote emotional well-being, high expectations and positive attitudes for all our students, that will last into their next destination and throughout their lives.

We aim to promote a school ethos that is underpinned by core values that create a positive learning ethos that supports the development of the whole child within a happy and purposeful environment.

The values that we focus on are:






Teaching the Values at Clifton Hill

At Clifton Hill every student is different with their own unique combination of strengths, barriers to learning and emotional development needs. We recognise that in order to promote these values effectively; to make a real impact on the lives of our students, we need to personalise the approaches we take. For example, companionship will look very different for each of our students. For some it might be developing meaningful and lasting friendships and being able to navigate conflict within a friendship. For others it may be about being content to work with or alongside a peer and learning to enjoy the company of others. For another it may be about choosing who they wish to work with and knowing and understanding that their voice will be heard and respected.

We have created department specific schemes of work in order to promote the social, intellectual, emotional and moral development of students of different ages and with different learning styles.

These schemes of work focus on:

• The learning environment
• The behaviour of the staff team
• Opportunities around the wider school
• Opportunities within our community